Hunter Palmer - Global Retail Solutions, a specialist retail consultancy, works with airports, airlines, investors, operators and hospitality companies to help develop their strategic position and improve business performance.

With over 25 years’ industry experience we can provide first-hand knowledge and insight to help clients make effective decisions.

We differ from our competitors because we do not simply analyse data and apply a standardised business model. We work personally with our clients to deliver tailored solutions, whether it involves building and developing viable, sustainable and award-winning commercial business models or enhancing existing business structures. Our belief in the importance of robust management includes enabling the development of home-grown concepts. We can work with you to deliver these as well as negotiate concessions and joint ventures to realise the ideal retail mix.

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The general perception is that retail space in an airport should be easy money. In reality, as operators, we know that it is all too easy to get the balance wrong. A constantly shifting international audience combined with recruitment issues and procedural and safety concerns can blur the lines between simply catering for passengers and really accommodating their needs.

Also the delicate relationship between operator and retailer has to be considered alongside the particular demands of airlines – associations that should be totally symbiotic but are often fraught with difficulties. We offer a clear path through this minefield.

We believe that success comes from understanding the particular challenges and opportunities of airport retail, a totally unique environment.




Whether you are an airport operator, owner or investor looking to maximise retail returns, or a retailer looking either to enter the airport market or grow your existing airport presence, we can support and enhance your business.

We combine our international knowledge base and experience of airport terminal operations to help you to achieve the most out of your retail and F&B space, using passenger segmentation and destination analysis, terminal utilisation and development, category merchandising, concession planning and retail design along with customer spend, retail turnover and rental income modelling.

Through an understanding of the competitive landscape, both domestic and international, we assess when/how to invest in infrastructure development and how that operates alongside airline retail revenue positioning. We consider how to maximise revenue by working more closely with all stakeholders and assessing how to use Big Data to better understand customers and future opportunities. 


flexible solutions

How much we are involved depends on you: whether you require strategic support and insight at a macro level or simply turnkey management of a response to a specific Request for Proposals. We can oversee competitive tenders for clients, as well as assisting with commercial and contractual negotiations through to contract completion. We even have specific expertise in airport advertising and can work with operators to analyse airport advertising performance.

We believe successful knowledge transfer is an important outcome of what we do for our customers, however we do this informally, by working closely with commercial teams throughout a project. We can support the dissemination of that knowledge through advising on professional training workshops and tailoring them to an organisation’s needs.

Throughout our emphasis is on the practical day-to-day running of your business. We embrace both bright ideas and hands-on solutions.




With first-hand industry and operational experience, we can give our clients a lasting competitive advantage, enabling them to maximise profits and achieve the highest standards of customer satisfaction and service. We work to identify solutions to complex issues and give executives the insights they need to make more effective decisions. Our role is to deliver global expertise, ensuring key staff develop and deliver robust business growth plans.



As specialist airport retail consultants, we deliver personal guidance and enable the practical realisation of commercial development on the ground.

Respecting the ambition and vision of architecture and design, and overlaying our expertise we maximise commercial returns by enhancing/enriching commercial plans at any stage of their development and implementation.

Who We Can Help

Airport operators
Airport owners
Airport investors
Retailers looking to enter the airport market
Existing airport retailers looking to expand their presence
Joint ventures
Border retail
Duty paid
Hospitality and Leisure





  • Select the mix
    Engineer the balance between retail and F&B. Develop an optimum mix of product, categories, brands and price points to maximise revenue and ensure flexibility for growth and diversity.

  •  promote Growth
    Analyse the business to define strategy and planning. Validate new brand and product placement. Business development of existing assets. Expansion of new services or businesses for both internal and external opportunities.
  • Competitive Analysis
    Gather and assess new market information, draw conclusions from domestic and international trends and define strategic response specific to the vision of the airport stakeholders.
  • Operations best practice
    Review and recommend efficiencies in operational management and personnel development. Identify synergies across the commercial landscape. Offer guidance on the management of tenants and brands. Troubleshooting.
  • Cost control
    Ascertain potential areas of savings throughout the business, focusing on supply chain, administration and staff optimisation. Highlight cost savings achievable through cooperation across the business.
  • Sales & Pricing positioning
    Benchmark spend per passenger, average transaction value, penetration, conversion and basket analysis across the full commercial offer. Review pricing vs market conditions and competitors. Promotional analysis.
  • Merchandising evolution
    Investigate current merchandising standards and practices. Identify opportunities and improvements to deliver world-class results. Conduct full category management overview including layout and space planning.
  • Consumer behaviour analysis
    Explore current trends and future opportunities through better understanding of the customer demographic, ensuring successful business evolution. Determine path to achieve customer service excellence.
  • Marketing direction
    Develop marketing strategy and brand positioning, brand and product launches, promotions, experiential pop-ups and sponsorship. Ecommerce rationalisation. Identify opportunities in airport advertising to drive revenue, including placement, content, evaluation and digital vs static.
  • Negotiation support
    Advise on negotiations concerning contracts, rental agreements and profit margins on product. Counsel on external investor opportunities. Facilitate entry for brands new to airport retail.

Meet the partners



Keith co-founded Hunter Palmer - Global Retail Solutions to help fill the void he felt existed in the travel retail marketplace: access to a consultancy that offers practical retail solutions on the ground, in person, at any stage of development, enabling the doers as much as the thinkers. Growing up as an expat, he started work on the shop floor in the UK aged 18, and has gained over 25 years’ experience in retail.



Nick is the co-founder of Hunter Palmer - Global Retail Solutions, a strategic partnership created to identify opportunities and actively drive new innovation and business ideas (that are often discussed but rarely implemented). An advocate of “action speaks louder than words”, he has been involved in the creation of many successful airport retail developments and looks to bring pragmatic and viable solutions to a changing industry.



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