We are Specialist Airport Retail Consultants

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Professional Strategic Analysis

Using passenger segmentation and destination analysis, terminal utilization and development, category merchandising, concession planning and retail design along with customer spend, retail turnover and rental income modelling we help you to deliver effective commercial solutions that meet the particular demands of airport retail.


Retail space development and optimization

Through identifying the competitive landscape, both domestic and international, we assess when/how to invest in infrastructure development and how that operates alongside airline retail revenue positioning.

Underlying this is our strong analysis of trends in the airline industry and the consequent impact on passenger growth.

Market Development and Positioniing

We advise airports on how much commercial space they should provide air-side and land-side in their terminals, where that space should be located, what it should contain, how it should be configured, how much turnover and rental income it should generate  and how passenger flows and terminal layouts should be adjusted to optimize revenue.